All items purchased are FINAL SALE, thus we cannot offer returns, exchanges, or refunds for these items. This includes holiday sales, site-wide or product specific flash sales, and items purchased using sale codes. We will fix any mistakes made on behalf of the company.
If the product you received is deemed defective your order is eligible for a return or exchange.

Please note that original shipping charges are non-refundable. 


All cancellations must be approved by the Seller. Restocking charges will be determinedbased on whether the product has had a shipping label created or has been shipped by the seller. A minimumrestocking charge of fifteen percent (15%) of the sale price will apply.

If the order has shipped this can not be deemed as a cancellation but a refund which is not permitted.

Example: $149 sale price for leather backpack, a restocking fee will cost (15%) of the sale price; meaning $22.35 will be subtracted from order price. Therefore the customer will receive back $126.65.

We thank you for understanding this policy!

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